When discussing robots, robotic springs might not be the first words that come to mind. But the reality is, springs are essential core components in robot and machine manufacturing. Springs and spring-like suspension ensure the proper functioning of robots and are the core of the movement of robots. Custom-made torsion springs to compression springs to linear and non-linear springs can be utilized.

Some scientists and researchers such as those at the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics, University of Sussex, are utilizing programmable springs to develop a number of systems for passive dynamic, biped, and multi-legged robots, and robotic manipulators. The variety of applications is nothing short of amazing.

Robotic Springs Video — Disney

Notice the springs in the Disney Research Hub video below. The use of two compression springs allows “robot passive compliance.”

Robotic Springs: Bi-Pedal and Multi-legged Robots

There are additional groundbreaking examples of springs used to produce walking robots that mimic the movements of humans and animals, such as the ATRIUS bi-pedal robot featured on Oregon State’s Dynamic Robotics Laboratory YouTube channel. Take a look at the agility!


Katy Spring is proud to manufacture a variety of springs that assist in robotic automation, such as tabletop robotic arms. Our goal is to assist customers who utilize robotics to perform repetitive operations quickly and consistently. Our robotic springs improve efficiency and precision as these various tasks are undertaken, and during redeployment. The spring technology helps to streamline operations for our industry as a whole.

Integrating New Technologies

Katy Spring is a forerunner in helping our customers integrate the newest technologies in research, laboratories, field operations, and the marketplace. You can count on us to meet the needs of the technology industries today and in the future.

Contact us today! Our professional team of designers, engineers and consultants are on standby to work with you and ensure your specifications are met.

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