Katy Spring, a custom spring manufacturer, is located in Katy, Texas, just thirty miles from downtown Houston. Thus, we are in the middle of one of the U.S.’s largest industries, oil and gas, also known as the “oil patch.” The oil patch includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing of petroleum products.

About Our Custom Spring Manufacturer Offerings

Katy Spring is instrumental to the oil and gas industry due to our oil and gas equipment springs, valves for the oil and gas industry, and oil tempered wire.

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Oil and Gas Springs

.218 Oil-Tempered Compression Spring Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

Extension Spring Made Out of .040 Stainless .302 Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

Coil Spring Made Out of .250 Music Wire Used in Oil and Gas Industry

Small Extension Springs Used in Auto Oil and Gas Industry

.163 Compression Spring used in Oil and Gas | Compression Spring

.256 music Wire Compression Spring Used in Oil and Gas Industry

Extension Spring Made Out Of .040 Stainless .302 Used in Oil and Gas Industry

Compression Spring Made Out Of .125 Music Used in Oil and Gas Industry

Bow Spring Used in Oil and Gas Industry Made out of Inconel x-750

Major oil and gas companies trust Katy Spring in the design and manufacturing of a variety of oil and gas service equipment springs, including downhole tools springs. Our modular-designed springs and products absorb plunger impact and maximize flow through.  These premium tools have excellent value; the same spring can be utilized to set with many different hold downs. We offer multiple fluid retaining options for a variety of hold-down methods in alloy steel and stainless. Our springs protect equipment, hold fluid to prevent dry impact, and help prevent corrosion.

About Downhole Tools Springs

Our springs are a vital component in downhole drilling jars and shock tools deployed thousands of feet into the earth for the extraction of natural resources such as oil and gas. Coil springs ensure consistent, reliable current/signal flow in downhole tools. They can be instrumental in helping to prevent accidental discharge by shielding sensitive electronics from the effects of EMI/RFI. Katy Spring excels at manufacturing downhole tools springs consisting of high-nickel allow materials; Edgily, Inconel, Monel, Hastalloy C, 17-7, MP35N.

The spring force capacity helps drive the drilling tools at the correct speed and pressure, as well as provide a recoiling, cushioning or shock-absorbing affect which reduces damage and extends the life of the downhole tools.

We supply surface equipment accessories for all your coil tubing operations, including large coil tubing for reel to reel spooling, coil tubing stabbing operations, BHA pull testing, BHA pressure testing, large bore window for BHA deployment, and more. Our professional and highly trained staff will gladly consult with you about your order requirements.

You can count on downhole tools springs and parts manufactured with high efficiency in mind, as well as safety and long-term value. Trust our innovative design, stringent testing, a commitment to quality, and competitive pricing.

Production of Oil and Gas Springs

As for the production of springs used in the petroleum industry, we specialize in tools, springs and wire forms. In fact, Katy Spring serves many different markets and industries.  This diversity helps to keep Katy Spring strong and balanced during the uncertainties of the oil and gas market changes.

Take a look at our Spring Manufacturing Company blog post to see the vast industries we serve through our products.

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