Springs in the Medical Industry

The medical industry has always been a niche market for the mechanical spring business.  It’s been said that coil springs of some form are used in over ninety percent of mechanically manufactured components and the medical industry certainly has its share.  Spring are used, for example, in inhalers, pill production equipment, hospital furniture, surgical tools, medical implants, monitoring equipment, and orthodontic devices to name a few.

The raw spring-tempered materials generally used for medical products are three hundred series stainless steel spring wire.  Many times clean rooms or sanitary spring manufacturing methods are required to manufacture these types of medical springs.  Because of the stringent sanitary demands required by medical spring manufacturing, many times the end user will manufacture their own springs.

In order for a spring manufacture to make medical springs they must prove they can meet the clean standards required in the process of medicalspring manufacturing which includes; purchasing stainless steel spring wire, coiling the spring wire, stress relieving, cleaning and passivating.  The medical industry requires that no discoloration to the spring wire is seen after the spring manufacturing process, especially the stress relieving.  This is why medical springs are passivated for the most part.

There is good potential for spring manufacturers in the medical spring business as long as the spring manufacturer understands and is willing to meet the requirements of the medical industry.

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