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How a car handles is one important part of making a car great. Automotive coil springs are the foundation of your suspension system. Old coil springs sag, reducing ride height and ride comfort. But the coil springs on some cars, even when new, just don’t give you the kind of cornering you want from your car, and can make your vehicle look like it sits too high. The answer is a new set of coil springs, custom-engineered to give you the curb height and handling characteristics you want. New coil springs can lower your car, showing off your wheels instead of just the wheel wells. Coil springs also change the handling characteristics of the car, giving you better grip and flatter cornering. After all, factory coil springs are engineered as a compromise between comfort and performance. If you want no-compromises handling out of your car, new coil springs should be at the top of the wish list.


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