Large Compression Spring vs. Heavy Duty Compression Springs.

Two terms used frequently in the spring manufacturing business, and are many times used incorrectly are large compression springs and heavy duty compression springs.  So lets set the record straight as to what these terms mean.  A large compression spring refers to the physical size and dimensions of the spring.  It can be a relative term.  For example a quarter inch outside diameter spring by itself is fairly small, but if it’s used in a wrist watch, it would compression spring is considered a very large compression spring.  Not all large compression springs are heavy duty compression springs and not all heavy duty compression springs are large compression springs.

A heavy duty compression spring refers to the amount of load the spring can take on and is a common term used especially in die spring catalogues.  Die spring catalogues are sectioned by light duty compression springs, medium duty compressions and then heavy duty compression springs.  This quick reference allows a person to find a compression spring that will support a certain load and are many times color coded to make it easy to find a heavy duty compression spring or replace it later on; as the spring manufacturing industry will use the same colors to identify heavy duty compression springs.

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