With the growth in 2003, the need for talent grew too. Like other specialized positions and skills, spring makers are not readily available. Since the beginning, Katy Spring is a proponent of promoting and training from within, and that worked well in the early in the company’s history. The two owners with spring-making experience; James and Mark were spending a lot of time in the shop making springs, they were also training at the same time.

The level of business in 2003 required the owners to take on more of a management role in the office, leaving a busy shop with recently-trained-spring employees to produce springs, who had very little or no time to train more spring manufacturing talent.

It takes at least 5 years of spring making on auto-coilers to really have a decent foundation in spring making.We had to look for outside talent,said James.

Katy Spring, for the most part used traditional recruiting methods to seek new talent for making springs.  One that was not so traditional involved a previous employee of James from a former spring company that we shall call Brad.

One of the areas that Katy Spring struggled in was fine wire products or springs made out of wire under .020 Brad was a twenty plus-year spring maker who could easily make fine wire springs and many other springs, the problem was that Brad didn’t want to move to Texas from his home state of Minnesota. So after some discussions with Brad, the owners decided to open; Katy Spring of Minnesota

Look for the release of The Story of Katy Spring coming soon.

Katy Spring manufacturers; compression coil springs, industrial compression springs, valve compression springs, conical compression springs, concave compression springs, convex compression springs, and valve springs

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