Katy Spring hit the 2million dollar annual revenue mark in 2002.

From the story of Katy Spring¦
Katy Spring hit the 2million dollar annual revenue mark in 2002.  By now the company was growing at a steady pace and approaching the 5 year mark of being in business, a milestone for small businesses that many say the chances of survival increase dramatically after 5 years.
In 2002 the company would move to its new location, the fourth location located on the Katy Freeway, also known as Interstate 10, the freeway that stretches from Tallahassee, Florida to Los Angeles, California.
The timing of the move was important to production as The Barnâhad become way too small for one of Katy’s fastest growing companies. The Morton Road location was only 2500 square feetCompared to the second location on Highway 90 Boulevard is was twice as big, so the owners signed a 3 year lease thinking it was plenty of room.  By early 2002, they were already stretching the walls.
I can remember coming to work, and the first thing we did after we opened the shop, was move material, equipment, and anything else we weren’t using for the day out to the parking lot so we had room to work, Mark recalls
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