They are all around you, and chances are you don’t even know it. They are in your home, car, and possibly even on you. Springs are key components to many devices we use on a daily basis. Items such as watches, cars, and toys all depend on custom coil springs to make them work. Springs often go unnoticed, but their presence is essential to completing our everyday tasks. Here are three reasons you should be glad springs exist.

  • Your car needs them. Without springs in your car, you wouldn’t want to take it out of the garage. Springs are integral to your vehicle’s suspension system. The vehicle’s suspension system relies on custom coil springs to help it with handling, braking, and keeping the car’s occupants comfortable inside, despite road bumps and sudden stops. If you have ever been in a car with poor suspension, you understand how important those springs really are.
  • Your kids need them. Whether you know it or not, your children rely on springs to keep them entertained. Many of the most popular toys are full of little custom coil springs designed to make them jump, dance, or punch to your child’s delight. The Pogo Stick would have never been the hit it was without the use of springs. However, the most popular toy to take advantage of springs is, of course, the Slinky.
  • Your appointments need them. Many clocks and watches still used today depend on springs to power them. It is these custom metal devices that help us make sure we are where we need to be on time. They are fundamental in making sure our clocks run properly.

More Information Katy Spring and MFG. Inc. is a full service manufacturer of custom coil springs. They can handle projects of every shape and size. Their high quality custom metal forming process produces items that leave customers satisfied. For more information on Katy Spring and MFG. Inc, please call (281) 391-1888.

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