Complex custom metal components and custom formed springs, manufactured by Katy Spring & Mfg. Inc., ensure companies all across the world that Katy Spring has the complete capability to fulfill any manufacturing and/or design requirement. Please call (281) 391-1888 to discuss your specific needs with one of our spring and metal component manufacturing professionals today!

Various projects require a wide array of different material types, metal component sizes, thicknesses and shapes. Whatever your design needs, Katy Spring & Mfg. is here to deliver!

We recognize that many projects are time sensitive. This is why we remain fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to immediately answer most any wire form, formed spring and metal component question.

Wire Forms, Custom Formed Springs and Custom Metal Component Options

Whatever your design needs,
Katy Spring & Mfg. is here to

Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc. takes pride in preventing our customers from experiencing excessive wait times for receiving your much needed metal components.  We maintain our state-of -the-art spring and wire form manufacturing equipment to get the specific job done exactly as required and on time. Katy Spring & Mfg., Inc. will also go the extra mile by using our experience to help you determine the most cost-effective options to exactly meet your end need.

Katy Spring’s spring and wire form design experts can answer any question about spring material. We provide customers with solutions to fit within your budget. Our technical staff will be happy to discuss your project specifications with you to present an appropriate spring or wire form solution that will meet your requirement. Katy Spring can assist with spring load and rate calculations as a part of the convenience we provide our client companies…your success is our main priority!

Please give the custom metal component, formed spring, and wire form experts at Katy Spring & Mfg. Inc. a call today at (281) 391-1888 to begin receiving exceptional service and eliminate your spring or wire form problem today!

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