Most people purchase their metal products from wholesalers and other middlemen. They are attracted to the large inventory and wholesale prices. However, by purchasing metal from a wholesaler, they are missing out on many of the benefits of dealing directly with the custom spring manufacturer.

  • Customized Products – Wholesalers typically carry only the most widely used products. However, many projects require the use of hard to find, customized metal products. A wholesaler will not be able to help you with this. Instead, you should go straight to a manufacturer that has metal stamping equipment. A custom spring manufacturer can customize the metal forms to meet your demands. This means your project will be carried out more accurately, safely, and efficiently.
  • Better Price – Wholesalers and middlemen are in the business for one reason – to make money. Even though they use the word “wholesale,” these businesses are still primarily focused on making a profit. They have to sell the items to the customer for a higher price than they paid the manufacturer, if they want to stay in business. For that reason, you should avoid paying these inflated prices by going directly to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not add in hidden fees, and you receive the added benefit of knowing the product is of the highest quality. You can never be sure what the metal has been through by the time it arrives at the wholesaler. With a manufacturer, the wire forms are in their possession from start to finish.
  • Faster Turnaround – When a retailer does not have the metal product you need, they are either unable to help you or they might place an order for the part. Unfortunately, these orders are slow and expensive. Most projects are on a tight schedule, and you cannot afford to wait for a part to arrive. You can avoid a lengthy, costly wait by contacting a custom spring manufacturer. By getting the part directly from the manufacturer, you will receive it in a fraction of the time, and you will not be forced to pay the inflated retail price.

Katy Spring and Manufacturing

Katy Spring and Manufacturing is a custom spring manufacturer that can create the ideal wire form for your next project. They use the latest metal stamping equipment, and boast a fast turnaround and excellent customer service. For all of your metal components, contact Katy Spring and Manufacturing or call today at 281-391-1888.

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