1. For a new spring design, get us involved early in the design phase. We have many talented personnel that can assist engineers with spring design, saving them time and money with our spring design software. The spring design software immediately helps us to avoid tolerance traps, advises us of potential yielding problems, helps with fit and function, material selection, and much more.
  2. Before spending hours searching through a spring catalog, let us know what you’re looking for and we can search for you. We have thousands of part numbers in our stock spring catalog. Provide us with as much information about the spring application as you can, and we’ll do the leg work for you.
  3. Stocking programs. Whether it’s a blanket order, a Kanban System, or a JIT System, long-term stocking agreements are one of the best ways to improve standardized pricing, reduce inventory, and improve lead times. With finished goods on our shelves and not yours, it is a true win/win.
  4. Estimates are what they are; “estimates.” If you receive an estimate that is not what you were expecting, let us know. We’ll be happy to take another look at the price and/or delivery to see if it can be improved.
  5. Call us. With all of the ways to communicate; e-mail, text and fax, we still love phone calls! Like everyone, we’re busy but never too busy to help our customers buy springs. That’s why we’re here.
  6. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Keep up with the latest on industry news, changes in the raw material market, company news and other valuable information that will assist you with spring purchases.
  7. Reducing vendors is an important part in today’s purchasing mission. Instead of using several spring companies, use a full-service metal spring manufacturer. We can provide springs and other metal components in endless shapes, sizes and varieties using state-of-the-art spring manufacturing equipment. We also provide out-sourcing and distribution services.
  8. Work with a metal spring manufacturer that is run by metal spring manufacturers. The art of spring making is on the decline. We have three generations of spring makers who have over seventy five years of combined spring making experience that are happy to share their in-depth knowledge with you.
  9. Work with a spring company that is customer service driven. Everyone who interacts with our customers from accounting to shipping and receiving, has had formal customer service training. We understand that delivering service is just as important as delivering product.
  10. Encourage all your vendors to be environmentally friendly. Everyone needs to pitch in and help. We promote programs that are good for the environment such as EDI and recycling.
  11. Does being ISO Certified guarantee good product? No, not always. But it does mean that we have and still make quality a priority. We have been ISO Certified since 2004.

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