Don’t blink, you may miss it! Katy Spring’s new KHM coilers are capable of manufacturing this spring up to 40,000 parts per hour.

Let me repeat that; 40,000 parts per hour!

That’s 667 parts per minute and an astounding 11 springs per second….per second!

The spring being manufactured here is made from .017” music wire.
After coiling, the spring is stress-relieved through an inline oven at 600 degrees F for 30 minutes.

Stress-relieving is a process that removes internal, residual stress from steels.

The stresses are a result of the forming or in this case, coiling process.

If stress is not removed from components, subtle movements could cause the parts to go out of tolerance.

Do you have a spring requirement that’s within the .006” – .625” wire range?

Are you having supply chain issues with materials?

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