Most springs made from carbon wire are stress relieved at a temperature of 600 degrees F for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Stress relieving, or “normalizing” as it’s sometimes referred to, allows the spring to relax or be relieved of stress, thereby holding its physical dimensions.

Springs, by their nature, have “memory” and want to return to their original position.  The heating after coiling keeps this from happening.

These springs, made from .256 music wire, are being stress relieved in an in-line oven.

The springs, about 10 feet in length, are placed on a conveyor which slowly transports the spring through the oven, set at 600 degrees.

If the springs are too large for an in-line oven, they can be stress relieved in larger ovens that are typically loaded and unloaded with a forklift.

Katy Spring can manufacture custom springs up to .625” in wire size.  Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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