Katy Spring is a manufacturer and industrial supplier of stock and custom stainless steel springs made from 302 stainless steel custom stampings. We supply the aerospace, military and medical industries with springs. For the purpose of this blog post, we refer to 302 stainless steel medical industry springs supplied to the healthcare and medical device market.

Compression Springs and Medical Industry Springs

We are pleased to share information about grade 302 stainless steel wire and small and large stainless steel springs (18% chromium, 9% nickel with carbon, manganese, and some silicon). Stainless steel wire springs and stainless steel alloy springs have mechanical properties and corrosion resistance that is superior. Stainless steel spring wires are economical and offer high tensile strength as well as slight magnetic properties.

Austenitic type 302 stainless steel is also an extremely popular grade because of its heat resistance under temperatures as high as 550º F (288º C). 302 stainless steel springs are also cost effective (the lowest cost stainless).

More About 302 Stainless Steel and Medical Industry Springs

Our 302 stainless steel springs meet ASTM A 313 standards. For thee reasons stated above, the use of stainless spring steels has steadily increased over the years and continues to rise in usage in the medical, mechanical, custom, miniature, die, heavy duty, valve and wire markets, and beyond.

Images of small springs, micro-springs or medical springs are shown below:

Medical Industry Springs

Medical Industry Springs

Pumps, valves and springs are offered in either custom or standard versions. 302 stainless steel spring products include:

  • Compression Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Garter Springs
  • Clips & Fasteners

Contact Us — We Can Help!

Our expert staff has the experience to assist you in selecting the best stainless steel alloy for your application and to manufacture a custom spring steel wire that meets your expectations — spring design, engineering, and manufacturing is our specialty. We employ highly trained technicians who use state of the art equipment. Contact us today!

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