Springs come in a wide variety of diameters, shapes and materials, but often times a rare hard to find spring is required to complete a project. When a unique project requirement is needed it is necessary to turn to a custom metal forming company. A custom metal manufacturer is able to turn a concept into reality, producing a spring to the exact specifications of a customer with limitless sizes and configurations.

Katy Spring Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in manufacturing difficult spring assemblies that many other companies would not touch. The company works closely with its customer’s through every stage, from spring design to custom prototype to the final manufacturing run. They guarantee the customer gets exactly the custom spring they want, when they want it, at an affordable price.

Katy Spring is a leading manufacturer of compression, extension, torsion and flat springs. Compression and extension springs work in opposite ways under two different principals of elastic potential energy, while both employing a coil design for elasticity and strength. A compression spring is used to keep two components apart, while extension springs are used to hold two components together.

A compression spring is an open coil helical spring that offers resistance to compression force applied axially, they are commonly coiled as a constant diameter cylinder. Compression springs are generally made out of larger gauge wire and are not wound in tight coils, with rings on each end to support its load. Examples of compression springs are the springs used in a ball point pen or a car’s shock absorber.

Extension springs are closed-coiled helical springs that extend under pulling force. Extension springs are generally made from smaller gauge wire and wound very tightly. There are a variety of extension spring end types; loop and hook over center, side loop, full loop over center, extended hook, and many more. Examples of extension springs are the springs used in storm doors and those used on a trampoline.

To learn more technical information about compression, extension, torsion and flat springs and the basic information needed to order these springs log onto www.katyspring.com or call 1-281-391-1888 and speak to a custom metal specialist today.

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