One of the most difficult challenges facing managers today is being able to reduce inventory costs while increasing customer service levels. Effective inventory management is critical to companies that want to improve customer service and profit margins while facing the challenges of competition and demand uncertainty. Safety stock programs are helping to take some of the pressure off by stocking the high volume items companies need.

A safety stock program allows customers to register items they routinely order from a company, and that company keeps the items on hand so the customer doesn’t have to tie up their own inventory dollars and space. When the customer has a demand for the items they are readily available for same or next day shipping. This program eliminates long lead times, minimum order quantities, excessive inventory and stock outs for the customer.

Many companies carry too much inventory and still never achieve desired service levels and fill rates. Figuring out just the right amount of product to make and when to re-order and in what quantities are very challenging problems. The safety stock program helps companies find an optimal balance of inventory management by not holding excess inventory which increases their profit margin.

Katy Spring Manufacturing, Inc. is a full service custom metal forming company that offers the safety stock program to their customers. The customer’s are pleased the program is able to stock and offer a quick turn around time on their high volume spring requirements, enabling them to keep up with their continually fluctuating production demands. The goal of Katy Spring is to help their customers succeed, and the safety stock program is just another example of this devotion.

Katy Spring custom manufactures formed metal components including compression, torsion and extension springs, stampings, and wire forms. In addition the company also offers heat treating services for metal. The heat treating services include age hardening, vacuum heat treating, stress relieving, quench and tempering.

Katy Spring offers 24 hour service with only a one day lead time on most jobs, an endless variety of materials, as well as calibrated, surveyed and large capacity ovens. To learn more about the other services offered by Katy Spring log onto or call 1-281-391-1888 and sign up for the safety stock program today.

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