Katy Spring manufactures aerospace springs, specifically constant force springs, for the aerospace industry. We develop custom spring reels for specific applications in the aerospace and aircraft industry. Cargo doors, cabin doors, stairs and more require springs to open and close, and are just a few among many examples. Read ahead for additional uses.

Uses of Aerospace Springs

Aircraft require compression springs, torsion springs, extension wire forms and flat springs. As a custom spring manufacturer, Katy Spring has the experience, equipment and ability to design and test very precise and specialized springs.

Aerospace Springs Testimonials

We are always gratified to receive testimonials from customers who have trusted us with their aerospace springs orders. Below is one such endorsement.

Dear Ryan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this and providing a lead to get these produced.

I am confident we will be reaching out to you again on our next spring project. You guys are the best around!

Thank you,

Ryan G.
Aerospace Parts Distribution

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