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Passivated springs are stainless steel and nickel-alloy springs that have been through an acid soak to remove contaminants such as lubricants and surface irons that will corrode on the surface.

The Purpose of Passivated Springs

Without passivation, oxide deposits on rusted metal can spread on contact. Rust might accumulate in gaps, crevices and pitting, made worse by exposure to warm temperatures, moisture, salts, etc. Because springs are highly susceptible to corrosion, the passivation process provides natural corrosion resistance.

Passivated springs are “passive” or “unreactive” to the atmosphere, and here’s a quick breakdown of how that happens:

During fabrication, newly-formed springs “pick up” lubricants and oils that can be cleaned through passivation, a post-fabrication process. This involves an acid solution that frees the surface iron that causes corrosion. After treatment with an acid solution, the springs develop a passive layer on the surface of the steel. The surface chromium reacts with oxygen and produces chromium oxide, which creates a barrier. This barrier prevents moisture and other environmental elements from reaching the iron underneath — a valuable safeguard when dealing with environmental exposure.

Count on Us for Passivated Springs

The medical industry and food industry are among many customers who rely on Katy Spring for custom passivated springs. Feel free to read more here.

Our size capabilities for passivation is 6’x18”.

  • For our local customers, we also offer passivation as outside services for your custom components.
  • For “distance” customers, this capability improves our price and lead times for springs that require passivation.

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