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Katy Spring is a die valve spring manufacturer (also known as die compression springs) in both oil-tempered and chrome-alloy materials. Die Valve Spring

Rust Proof and Shock-Load Proof

This particular die valve spring is rust-proof. The benefit of “anti-rust” is that the component holds up in harsh environments. Die valve springs are used primarily in die machinery, but are also used in many applications where high-static or shock-load stresses occur. This product is designed for maximum cycle-life.


The following measurements are required:

  • Hole Diameter (outside diameter)
  • Rod Diameter (inside diameter)
  • Free Length (no load on the spring)
  • Wire Size (both width and thickness dimensions)

Our expert staff will assist in identifying the correct color code and size for your needs.

Die Valve Spring Manufacturer

Katy Spring manufactures custom springs and wire forms in the U.S.A. for rapid prototyping and R&D. We offer same day quotes provided by expert designers and engineers.

Learn More About Our Die Valve Spring and Other Products

We fabricate high quality and heavy duty metal compression springs and a host of other metal and wire form products. Katy Spring and Manufacturing is a full-service custom metal forming spring manufacturer. We are ISO certified and offer a range of spring products, including compression, extension, torsion, and flat springs. We offer our products in endless varieties of sizes, materials, and shapes so that each customer can find the right product for their needs. We will assist you with every step of the process, from material selection to final installation. We have a goal of satisfying all needs of our customers and their unique project requirements.

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