See the image below (right) as an example of a specific type of compression spring — the die spring — designed for heavy loads by Katy Spring, a die spring manufacturer.

Heavy Duty Die Spring Sizesdie spring

Katy Spring produces die compression springs to meet exact customer specifications — custom and in stock. The majority of the compression springs we produce are constant coil springs, meaning the diameter of the spring is the same throughout the entire part.


Compression Spring Sizes:
.004 inches to 2.0 inches in wire diameter
Round wire
Square wire
Rectangular wire
Special Section wire

Compression Spring Type
Helical Shaped
Usually coiled with a constant diameter, though they can be produced in hourglass, cone and barrel shapes.


Compression Spring Materials
Spring Steel
High Carbon Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Nickel Plated Carbon Steel
Stainless Alloys
Non-Ferrous Metals

Other Die Compression Spring Resources

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Katy Spring and Manufacturing is a full-service custom metal forming spring manufacturer. We are ISO certified and offer a range of spring products, including compression, extension, torsion, and flat springs. We offer our products in endless varieties of sizes, materials, and shapes so that each customer can find the right product for their needs. We will assist you with every step of the process, from material selection to final installation. We have a goal of satisfying all needs of our customers and their unique project requirements. Contact us today!

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