Custom Medical Wire Forming

Compression springs and medical industry springs – 302 Stainless Steel

OEMs, businesses and researchers trust Katy Spring to design and manufacture custom medical wire forms for a variety of device springs and other applications. We are a one-stop source for health care sector devices, including medical and dental wire forms.

Custom Medical Wire Forming

Count on us for your metal fabricating and finishing needs, manufactured to your precise specifications. During the custom wire forming process, our operators can make fine and microfine wires in various shapes — round, flat, square, or any custom designed shape.

We achieve a vast variety of configurations for optimal function in medical device components, and create wire forms to strict medical industry tolerances through combinations of bending, cutting, drawing, flattening, straightening and stretching on specialized machines.

The result is hooks, clips, rings, links, springs, and other customized forms. Please read this article on medical wire forms to learn more.

Information Regarding the Medical Device Sector

How do custom medical wire forming manufacturers fit into the response to COVID-19? A recent article in the New York Times highlights a critical shortage of personal protective equipment, including surgical and heavy-duty N95 masks (respirators).

Custom Medical Wire Forming

.177 plated wire form used in a medical product assembly

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